Cultural heritage of the districts Silistra and Dobrich

Route Description

  • Length of the tourist route: 160 km (between start and end point)
  • Duration: 3 days (2 overnight stays)
  • Sequence of travel along the tourist route:
    • Starting point: Silistra
    • intermediate destinations: Tutrakan, Alfatar,Dobrich, Balchik, Kavarna
    • End point: Silistra
  • Seasonal access: Year-round

Most visited sites

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Spatial orientation

  • Municipalities in Silistra district:

Main sites to visit: Municipalities of Silistra, Tutrakan, Alphatar

Additional sites and events: Municipalities of Silistra, Tutrakan

  • Municipalities in Dobrich district:

Main sites to visit: Municipalities of Dobrich-city, Balchik, Kavarna

Additional sites and events: Municipalities of Dobrich-city, Balchik, Kavarna, Shabla

The tourist route foresees visits to sites of cultural and historical tourism on the territory of the districts of Silistra and Dobrich.

Opportunity to visit many additional tourist sites, national and international cultural events.

Access to various tourist services, attractions and animations for tourists.

Possible ways of transportation

  • Arriving at the destination:

To Silistra: By car, bus, train. Arriving from Romania – Ferry Silistra (Bulgaria) – Calarasi (Romania)

  • Travel during the stay:
    • Personal car;
    • Public transportation to tourist sites and attractions planned for visit;
    • Possibility to rent a car and use taxi;
    • Sustainable personal mobility of tourists:
      • Eco-trails with different levels of difficulty
      • Travel along bicycle routes


  • 1st day – Municipalities of Silistra, Tutrakan and Alfatar (Silistra District):

Silistra Municipality: Silistra – Regional History Museum; Ancient settlement “Durostorum-Drustur”; Roman tomb; Turkish fortress “Medgid Tabia”

Municipality of Tutrakan: Tutrakan – Museum of Danube Fishing and Boating; Memorial complex “Military Tomb”; Roman fortress and road station “Transmariska”

Municipality of Alfatar: Dobrudzhanska house ethnographic museum – Alfatar

Overnight stay in Silistra.

  • Second and third day – the municipalities of Dobrich-city, Balchik and Kavarna (Dobrich district):

Municipality of Dobrich-city: Dobrich – Memorial Museum and house of Yordan Yovkov; Art Gallery; Ethnographic museum “Old Dobrich”

Balchik municipality: Balchik – Architectural and park complex “The Palace”; Late ancient and medieval fortress “Karvuna” (residential area “Horizon”)

Kavarna municipality: Archeological Reserve “Kaliakra”, National Archaeological reserve “Yailata”

Choice of location for the second overnight in Dobrich district.

The number of overnight stays during the travel along the tourist route depends on the selected additional sites and attractions to visit.

Additional sites to visit

  • Silistra district, Silistra Municipality: Biosphere Reserve “Srebarna” and the Natural Science Museum – Srebarna village
  • Dobrich district:

Balchik Municipality: Protected area “Botanic Garden – Balchik” Maintained Reserve “Baltata”

Kavarna municipality: Natural Reserve “Kaliakra”, Protected area “Yailata”

Shabla municipality: Durankulak lake; Shabla lake

Possibility for practicing seaside tourism on theterritories of the municipalities of Balchik, Kavarna, Shabla.

Additional events to visit

Possibility of combining tourist visits to coincide with the timing of various cultural events

  • Silistra district:

Silistra municipality: International Children’s Festival “Peace of Tomorrow Begins with Friendship Today” – Silistra; National Kuker festival – Kalipetrovo village

Municipality of Tutrakan: International Festival of hominy – Nova Cherna village; Festival “Fire Danube” – Tutrakan; International Folklore Festival “Danube sings and dances” – Tutrakan; Festival of the apricots – Tutrakan

  • Dobrich district:

Municipality of Dobrich-city:

International cultural events – Dobrich. International Youth Music Competition “Hopes, Talents, Masters”; International cheerleader festival “Golden Pompon” International Youth Festival-Competition “Folklore without borders”

National cultural events – Dobrich: National Folklore Festival “Sabrali se I naigrali v Dobrudzha”, National literary festivals “Yordan Yovkov”

Balchik municipality:

International cultural events – Balchik: International Short Film Festival “In the Palace”; Festival of young art “Via Pontica”, National Folk Festival “Sea of ​​rhythms” – Balchik

Kavarna municipality: Kavarna – Kavarna Rock Fest; Common Bulgarian folk festival “Carry Bulgaria in the heart”

Entrance fees for visiting the sites and attractions included in the tourist route

The entrance fee to visit some tourist sites and attractions is in the price range “up to 5 BGN” and “from 5 to 10 BGN”

Other tourist services

Possibility to use a wide variety of additional tourist services along the route:

  • Individual and group guides, mountain guide
  • Rent a car
  • Bicycle rental
  • Rental of sports equipment
  • Sea sports – municipalities of Balchik, Kavarna, Shabla
  • Visit to wine cellars – an opportunity for tasting and purchasing local wines

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