A Roman Fortress and road station "Transmariska", Tutrakan


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Welcome to the Antique fortress “Transmariska”!
Transmariska is an ancient, late antique, medieval and Ottoman fortress and is located under the present town of Tutrakan. The Roman settlement arises in 40-50 A.D. For centuries, from the Ist to the VIth centuries, the ancient settlement and fortress played an important role in the defense and functioning of the Roman and early Byzantine border fortification and observation system.
Transmariska covers an area of 65 decares. Part of its towers are square, including the restored tower. The tower has a secret gate at its western wall.
The southern fortress wall of Transmariska has also been exhibited together with its two battle towers – one horseshoe-shaped and the other fan-shaped. The fortress represents a significant archaeological monument of culture and an interesting tourist destination.
The ancient fortress “Transmariska” is declared a monument of culture of national importance. The archaeological excavations continue to this day.
Come and discover the Antique fortress “Transmariska”!
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