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Veliko Tarnovo is a center of the spiritual and cultural life of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. Today the city is full of numerous museums and architectural monuments. Among the most important museums of the city are the Archaeological Museum and the “Renaissance and Constituent Assembly” Museum.

At the Archaeological Museum you can see the exhibition “Turnovgrad – the capital of Bulgaria XII – XIV century”. The archaeological monuments, depicted in it, illustrate the millennial history and culture of the Veliko Tarnovo region with special attention to the period when the city was the capital of the Bulgarian medieval state.

The “Renaissance and Constituent Assembly” Museum is located in the building of the old Turkish Konak (town hall). This architectural monument was built in 1872 by the great Renaissance master builder Kolyu Ficheto. The exposition is divided into three parts – the national liberation struggle of the Tarnovo region during the Ottoman rule; the economic development of Turnovo and the region during the Renaissance period; and the Constituent Assembly in Turnovo in 1879, which laid the foundations for the development of modern Bulgaria and the first democratic constitution.

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