Rural tourism in Vidin region

Route Description

  • Length of the tourist route: 74 km (between start and end point)
  • Duration: 2 days (1 overnight stay)
  • Sequence of travel along the tourist route:
    • Starting point: Vidin – exemplary starting point
    • Intermediate destination: Kula, Belogradchik, Chuprene village
    • End point: Vidin
  • Seasonal access: Year-round

Top visited sites

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Spatial orientation

  • Municipalities in Vidin district:Main sites to visit: Municipalities of Kula, Belogradchik, ChupreneAdditional sites and events: Vidin Municipality

Combine the visit of cultural, historical and natural sites and monuments in Vidin district with opportunities to practice rural tourism.

Travel to the tourist sites along the route by bicycle routes and eco-trails. Availability of various tourist services and attractions for tourists.

Possible ways of transportation

  • Arriving at the destination:

To Vidin: By car, bus, train. Arriving from Romania – Bridge “New Europe” (Danube Bridge 2) – transport link between the towns of Vidin (Bulgaria) and Calafat (Romania)

  • Travel during the stay:
    • Personal car;
    • Public transportation to tourist sites and attractions planned for visit;
    • Possibility to rent a car and use taxi;
    • Sustainable personal mobility of tourists:
      • Eco-trails with different levels of difficulty
      • Cycling routes (incl. along the river Danube, mountain biking)


  • 1st day – municipalities of Kula and Belogradchik:

Kula municipality: Roman fortress “Castra Martis” – Kula

Belogradchik Municipality: Natural landmark “Belogradchik rocks” and Belogradchik fortress “Kaleto” (incl. the Ottoman fortification “Suleymanov fort” / “Latinsko Kale”);  Prehistoric settlement  and cave “Magura” – near Rabisha village. Proposed overnight stay in Belogradchik

  • 2nd day – Municipality of Chuprene:

Municipality of Chuprene: Church “St. Yoan Krastitel “- Varbovo village; Clock Tower in the center of Chuprene village; Church “St. Nikola”- Chuprene village; Museum and house of Asen Balkanski – Chuprene village; Biosphere Reserve Chuprene; Protected area and peak “Midzhur”, Peak “Three ears”; Karst hills “Glamite”

Additional sites to visit

Vidin Municipality: Opportunities to visit many cultural sites and monuments in Vidin

Additional events to visit

  • Vidin district:

Municipality of Kula: International Folklore Festival of dance “Nadigravane v Kula” – Kula (August)

Municipality of Chuprene: Tourla Folk Fest “Kada kum prase i ti vrechu” – Chuprene village (June)

Entrance fees for visiting the sites and attractions included in the tourist route

The entrance fee to visit some tourist sites and attractions in the price range “up to 5 BGN” and “from 5 to 10 BGN”

Other tourist services

Possibility to use a wide variety of additional tourist services along the route:

  • Individual and group guide, mountain guide
  • Rent a car
  • Bicycle rental
  • Rental of sports equipment
  • Practicing cave tourism

Visit to wine cellars – an opportunity for tasting and purchasing local wines

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